• first home buyers

    Getting your first home is truly an exciting time, knowing exactly what to do to get it... that's a little harder.

    With our complimentary discovery session we can go through all of your options so you know exactly where you stand. By then end you will know the best path forward for you and have all the tools and resources you need to make home ownership that one step closer.

  • property investors

    Investment properties can be a great way to secure your future

    But just as important as the right property your finance must be structured the right way so that you can maximise your earnings and deductions. This will allow you to pay of your home faster, secure your future but not interfere with your current lifestyle.

  • debt getting out of control

    Dont stick your head in the sand, get it sorted.

    When debt starts to pile up it can become very hard to manage. We can help you work out a path forward with a clear budget and payment plan. Get your life back and start living again. Book a complimentary discovery session today.

  • crunch the numbers

    We have put up over 20 financial calculators so that you know exactly where you stand.

    Unleash your inner bean counter and work out your loan repayments to setting up a budget to seeing out how much stamp duty will cost or making sure you have enough savings.

how can we help you today?

first home owner

for those looking to learn more about buying or building their first home

looking to upgrade

for those who are ready to move up the property ladder and buy their next home

all about refinancing

for those looking for a better deal or wanting to consolidate their debt

investing in property

for those who are ready to invest in property and secure their future

why use our services?

  • 1. not the biggest, but the best

    WOW that's a big claim. We know, but right finance plan was founded on this very belief. We never want to be the biggest, just the best we can be for our clients.

    We know we can help anyone. whether your finances are straight forward or out of the box we will help you get it done or get you on the right path so it can be done.

    Everyone is different but every clients situation will be treated with respect, dedication and professionalism.

    Don't take our word for it though, scroll down to see what our client's say.

  • 2. finance specialists, not salesmen

    We want to be known for our ethical, knowledgeable and genuine personalised service.

    Just like you we don’t like it when someone who is in a position of trust pushes a hidden sales agenda on us. That is why we will never do that to you.

    Too many so called experts will pre qualify you on the phone before making an appointment, they try to jump to solutions before even taking the time to find out the whole story.

    We don't, we will come out and make the time to listen. Specialists help find solutions, not excuses.

  • 3. real choice

    When we start talk about your home loan and finance options, we are talking about 30+ home loan and mortgage lenders all wanting your business.

    They include all the majors, non-branch and speciality lenders. Compare that against your bank who only have access to their home finance products.

    This is especially important at time like now, when the banks are saying ‘no’ more, and by having more home loan and mortgage lenders available to choose from you’re more likely to get a ‘yes’.

  • 4. experienced advisers

    I have been in financial services now for over 11 years and as the owner and principal finance writer I am fully committed to my clients for the long term.

    I have the following qualifications;

    • Diploma of Financial Planning
    • Cert IV of Financial Services (Mortgage Broking)
    • Conduct my affairs under an Australian Credit Representative License (governed by asic)
    • Hold Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances
    • Am a member of an accredited external dispute resolution scheme (governed by asic)
    • Have been accredited by and am a full member of the Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA)
    • Have been accredited by and trained by all the major lenders, non-branched lenders and speciality lenders
  • 5. we take care of everything

    When we say we will take care of it, we mean it.

    • We will take the time to sit down with you at a time and place that is convenient for you.
    • We take care of you by imparting as much of our knowledge as you would like and guiding you through the whole process.
    • We take care of you by ensuring that you are fully aware and informed at all times (If you need to ring us we haven't done our job properly).
    • We handle the whole home loan / finance application, collect and process all the supporting paperwork and deal on your behalf with all third parties to ensure that your home loan application is processed as quickly as possible.
    • By the end we know that you will agree that our approach takes your needs into consideration and ensures the process is as stress free as possible.

would you like some help?

call 0423694248

we are here to listen and take appointments 7 days per week | 9am to 9pm

let's get together

no matter if it's straight and forward or out of the box, we're here to help

enquire online

send us your enquiry during business hours and have an answer within 2 hours

crunch the numbers

borrowing power

get an idea of how much you can borrow and what your repayments might be.

loan repayment

enter the loan amount, interest and term to see your monthly repayments.

stamp duty

find out how much stamp duty will cost with this handy calculator

more calculators

we have 20+ calculators covering a wide range of needs

what our client's say

Happy Right Finance Plan Client

Pieter was recommended through friends of ours. The service was great and he made it about us. He kept us informed the whole way through, Definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for help with their home loan.

Steve and Kelly of Seaford Rise

Happy Right Finance Plan Client

Thanks for all your amazing effort you put in for us and on our behalf! We'll keep in touch...

Chris and Kylie of Meadows

Happy Right Finance Plan Client

Pieter from Right Finance Plan is a true gentlemen. He is extremely honest with his recomendations and has gone out of his way to find us the best possible deal. I could not be happier with all his advice and services.

Megan of Noarlunga Downs

Happy Right Finance Plan Client

Pieter has been fantastic for us. Looking forward to working together over the next couple of months for our ideal resolution. No question is too difficult and no situation is too hard to fix.

Tim and Heidi of Murray Bridge

*** please note for our clients privacy we have chosen not to use real images

our home loan process

  • 1. your finance fiduciary

    We know what your thinking, my finance what?

    Let me assure you we are not trying to be pretentious. It is a serious attempt to differentiate ourselves from what we see as order takers and salesmen.

    We firmly believe this is a service industry and so called professionals that just offer a cheap interest rate or push a hidden sales agenda on you should not be allowed in this industry.

    A fiduciary is someone who you can place your trust, safe in the knowledge that this person is acting in your interest... not theirs.

    we want to be known for our ethical, knowledgeable and genuine personalised service. When you choose to use our services you can be confident that you are dealing with someone who will put you first.

  • 2. initial catch-up

    When we first meet, we would like to get know you, your family and your situation better.

    To many times we hear about mortgage brokers trying to jump to solutions before even working out what the problem is. That is why we will listen while you tell us what you would like to achieve.

    Then we can complete our fact finder with you. This confidential document allows us to gather all the information we need to know about you and your family, including your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. We will discuss your needs, wants, goals and objectives so we can get a really clear understanding of not only what you would like to do and why but how this impacts and fits into the broader picture of your life.

    We’ll have a honest and open discusion about your situation and how we can be of best service to you.

    Depending on the complexity of your financial situation we say to allow up to 1 hour for this appointment.

  • 3. we do the research

    Armed with all this information we would like to take the opportunity to go away and properly investigate your home loan and finance options.

    We take a honest look at what you currently have in place and compare this to what is available in the market. We look at your needs now and your goals going forward and determine the best finance solution that suits your particular situation.

    We address your key issues and detail all of our recommendations in a tailor-made easy-to-read finance plan.

  • 4. your finance plan

    Once completed we would like to catch-up again and present you with your tailored finance plan.

    We will walk you through our recommendations. Explain why we have made those recommendations and how to best put them into place.

    This allows you to make an educated and informed decision about what is the best for your situation and your family and the benefits they provide.

  • 5. submission to approval

    When you’re ready, we complete all the paperwork and gather all the supporting documentation that is needed.

    This allows us to prepare a detailed lender application pack that highlights your application in the best possible light.

    We do the reseach before the submission so you can be confident that the paperwork is merely a formality. We then electronically lodge your application directly with the lender you have chosen and get you the answer in the quickest timeframe.

    Based on your personal contact preferences we will make sure you are informed the whole way through. We want to do it right and understand that this can be a happy but stressfull time, that is why we are available anytime to take your call

  • 6. monitoring and review

    Throughout the process and beyond we are available for support and to answer any questions you may have. We’ll work out how we can best serve your needs going forward and with your permission be in touch on an ongoing basis to ensure your finance plan is regularly reviewed and it remains appropriate for your ongoing needs.

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